breaking bulk

/ˌbreɪkɪŋ 'bʌlk/ noun
the practice of buying in bulk and then selling in small quantities to many customers

Marketing dictionary in english. 2015.

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  • Breaking bulk — Break bulk or breaking bulk may refer to:*Break bulk cargo, a shipping term for any loose material that must be loaded individually, and not in shipping containers nor in bulk as with oil or grain. *Breaking bulk (law), a legal term for taking… …   Wikipedia

  • breaking bulk — The practice of bulk buying products, commodities, etc. , and selling smaller quantities to users or consumers. This operation is often performed by a wholesaler although it may be done by a retailer …   Big dictionary of business and management

  • breaking bulk — The offense committed by a bailee (particularly a carrier) in opening or unpacking the chest, parcel, or case containing goods intrusted to his care, and removing the goods and converting them to his own use. See also breaking bail …   Black's law dictionary

  • breaking bulk — The division or separation of the contents of a package or container. Lord Coke says, if a bale or pack of merchandise be delivered to carry to one at a certain place, and he goeth away with the whole pack, this is no felony; but if he open the… …   Ballentine's law dictionary

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  • breaking bail — Historically, crime committed by bailee who broke open a package (bale) though no crime was committed if he converted the whole package without breaking the bulk. See breaking bulk …   Black's law dictionary

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  • bulk buying — The buying of products or commodities in sufficiently large quantities to take advantage of bulk discounts or other quantity discounts. See also breaking bulk …   Big dictionary of business and management

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